Zoeller M63 Sump Pump Review: Customer-Tested & Approved

From my own experience I have developed a high opinion of the Zoeller M63 sump pump (Model number 63-0001). You cannot buy a better sump pump that equals its performance in basements, yards, septic tanks and more.

However, I analyzed 81 customer reviews to get a wider view of what other customers think about it. So, 45 of those 81 customers rated it at 5 stars. Of course, there were a couple people that were not happy with it.

The Zoeller M63 sump pump is part of the Zoeller Premium Quality line of sump pumps. Its premium quality comes from replacing plastic parts with cast iron parts that will last much longer. Plus, the internal parts of the on/off switch inside of the pump has been improved vs the Zoeller M53 pump. See my Zoeller M53 review.

The M53 pump has one electrical contact bar inside of the switch case that closes the electrical circuit that starts the motor. That contact bar is the first part to fail on any Zoeller sump pump. So, in the premium quality Zoeller M63 sump pump they added another contact bar which makes the circuit immensely longer lasting.

Which is the main reason the Zoeller M63 has a 5-year warranty instead of 3 years for the lower priced M53 model. However, there are some other improvements that add to the M63’s premium quality rating and longer warranty.

Such as, adding another Viton boot seal to prevent water from entering the motor through the switch case. The switch case is where the metal rod attached to the float ball enters the sump pump housing. So, this additional Viton seal also adds to the longevity of the Zoeller M63 submersible pump.

Two other improvements that are nice to have are:

  • The 10-foot-long power cord, which is a foot longer than some other Zoeller pumps. That extra foot of power cord just might reach that electrical outlet you want to use.
  • Additionally, the power cord has an LED lighted power plug. Which makes it super easy to know that there is power to the pump. I make a habit of checking as I walk by for some other reason. It just takes a glance and I relax a bit more.

O.K. lets jump into what the other customers think of the Zoeller M63 submersible sump pump.

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Zoeller M63 Sump Pump: Unrivaled Reliability and Performance

Zoeller M63 sump pump Premium Grade

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When it comes to safeguarding your basement from flooding and ensuring reliable water management, the Zoeller M63 Sump Pump stands out as a top-tier choice. Renowned for its exceptional durability, quiet operation, and advanced features, this sump pump has earned the trust of homeowners across the country.

Let’s delve into the key aspects that make the Zoeller M63 (Model number 63-0001) a standout product in the world of sump pumps.

Pros and Cons of Zoeller M63 From Customers:

1. Long lifespan and reliable operation.1. A few reports of switch-related issues.
2. Brand trust and reputation for quality.2. Some instances of damaged products upon delivery.
3. Durable and heavy-duty construction.3. Relatively higher price point.
4. Easy replacement and installation.4. Occasional concerns about the switch’s durability.
5. Quiet operation with low noise levels.5. Mixed experiences with customer service.
6. 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.6. Instances of pumps failing within a short period.
7. Efficient and fast drainage capabilities.
8. Positive customer service experiences.
9. Versatile performance in various conditions.

Reliability that Stands the Test of Time

One of the standout features consistently praised by users is the Zoeller M63’s reliability. Many customers reported having used Zoeller pumps for over a decade, emphasizing the robust construction and dependable performance of the M63.

The durability of this pump translates to peace of mind for homeowners, knowing that their basements are protected even during heavy rains or potential flooding situations.

Whisper-Quiet Operation?

To be honest no sump pump is whisper quiet because they all make some noise. Having said that, a common gripe with sump pumps is the noise they generate.

However, the Zoeller M63 has gained a reputation for its quiet operation compared to other sump pumps. Users appreciate the reduced noise levels, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a pump that doesn’t disrupt the tranquility of their homes.

The quiet operation is achieved without compromising on the pump’s efficiency and performance.

Quality Construction for Longevity

Crafted with an all-cast iron body and impeller, the Zoeller M63 is built to last. Customers frequently lauded the pump’s sturdiness and solid construction, emphasizing its durability as a key factor in their decision to choose Zoeller.

The cast iron impeller adds an extra layer of resilience, ensuring that the pump can withstand the test of time and continue to perform efficiently.

Upgraded Features for Enhanced Performance

The Zoeller M63 comes equipped with several upgraded features that contribute to its superior performance.

Customers appreciated the improved switch and Viton switch boot, emphasizing Zoeller’s commitment to enhancing the functionality of their products.

The inclusion of a LED light-up plug indicating power adds a practical touch, allowing users to easily check the pump’s status.

Moreover, the M63 boasts a 5-year warranty, providing users with extended coverage and confidence in their purchase. Let me say that getting a 5-year warranty is a rarity for any sump pump.

Zoeller M63 Sump Pump Specifications

Motor3/10 HP
Voltage115 V
Phase1 Ph
TypeShaded pole
InsulationClass B
Amps9.7 Amps
Auto On / Off Points7-1/4″ (18.4 cm) / 3″ (7.6 cm)
Discharge Size1-1/2″ NPT
Solids Handling1/2″ (12 mm) spherical solids
Cord Length10′ (3.1 m) standard
Cord TypeUL listed with 3-wire grounded plug
Max Head19.25′ (5.9 m)
Max Flow Rate43 GPM (163 LPM)
Max Operating Temperature130 °F (54 °C)
CoolingOil filled
Motor ProtectionAuto reset thermal overload
CapCast iron
Motor HousingCast iron
Pump HousingCast iron
BaseCast iron
Upper BearingSleeve bearing
Lower BearingSleeve bearing
Mechanical SealsCarbon and ceramic
Impeller TypeNon-clogging vortex
ImpellerCast iron
HardwareStainless steel
Motor ShaftAISI 1215 cold rolled steel

Made in the USA: A Mark of Quality

In an era where product origin matters, the Zoeller M63 proudly carries the “Made in the USA” label. This not only underscores Zoeller’s commitment to quality manufacturing but also resonates with customers who prioritize supporting local industries.

The USA-made aspect adds a layer of trust and assurance that the Zoeller M63 is a product of high standards.

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Easy Installation for Hassle-Free Maintenance

Many homeowners buy the Zoeller M63 sump pump to replace an existing M63 or an existing M53 pump. Basically, all it takes is disconnecting the old pump from the discharge pipe at the check valve. Pull the pump out of the sump pit. Remove the short PVC discharge pipe from the old pump and put it on the new pump. Then place the new pump back into the sump pit and reattach the check valve.

Installing the Zoeller M63 is a straightforward process, according to numerous customer reviews. Many users praised the pump for its ease of installation, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a hassle-free replacement.

The simplicity of installation ensures that homeowners can quickly set up the pump without the need for professional assistance.

Zoeller 63-0001 Installation Manual

Zoeller Installation diagram. Image credit: Zoeller Pump
Image credit: Zoeller Pump

Conclusion: The Zoeller M63 Sump Pump – A Dependable Defender Against Flooding

In summary, the Zoeller M63 Sump Pump is very reliable, durable, and efficient at keeping the basement dry for years to come. It can be used outdoors also.

It is the best choice for many homeowners seeking top-notch water removal in their basements. With a track record of longevity, quiet operation, and enhanced features, this pump provides the peace of mind that comes with investing in a high-quality sump pump.

Whether you’re upgrading from a previous Zoeller model or exploring a new sump pump solution, the Zoeller M63 is one of the best choices you can make for your home.

Shown below are the Zoeller M63 sump pump followed by the Zoeller M53 so you can compare current prices. Remember that the M63 is all cast iron whereas the M53 has some very durable plastic parts and a lower quality internal switch mechanism.

Zoeller M63 Premium Series 5 Year Warranty Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp
394 Reviews
Zoeller M63 Premium Series 5 Year Warranty Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp
  • Housing material : Cast iron
  • Submersible
  • Horsepower : 3/10 HP
  • 1-1/2″ NPT discharge
  • Maximum discharge flow : 43 gym
Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp
  • Automatic with float activated switch
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller design
  • Durable cast iron switch case, motor, and pump housing
  • Cast iron switch case, motor, and pump housing, plastic base

If you need more information to choose read my article: The Zoeller M53 vs M63 Differences Reviewed: Pros and Cons

Richard Quick author at Best Sump Pumps
Richard Quick
Author at Best Sump Pumps

The first time I helped to install a drain tile and basement sump pump system was 1978.

Since then I have worked for a city water utility where I worked with and maintained pumps.

My rental properties and personal homes all needed sump pumps.

As a modular home dealer/builder, those new homes needed sump pumps.

I put that experience to good use by providing reliable, useful, and practical advice on buying, using, and maintaining sump pumps.

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