Zoeller Sump Pump Stand: Maximizing Sump Pump Efficiency

I always use a sump pump stand in my sump basins instead of rocks or bricks. Bricks and rocks take up space that could be filled with water.

Additionally, that unrestrained water is easier for the sump pump to remove from the sump pit. Which results in a longer life for the sump pump.

So, I always buy a Zoeller sump pump stand for any of the Zoeller 49, 50, 70, 98, 137, 139, 140 and 150 Series sump pumps. That list includes the Zoeller effluent pumps.

Yes, the Zoeller sump pump stand can be used for other sump pump brands. Just make sure that the stand will fit into your sump basin.

One customer said they used it for Zoeller M53 sump pump and a Wayne battery backup sump pump.

Zoeller sump pump stand 10-2421 for Zoeller 49, 50, 70, 98, 137, 139, 140, and 150 Series pumps.
Zoeller sump pump stand 10-2421 for Zoeller 49, 50, 70, 98, 137, 139, 140, and 150 Series pumps.

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Reasons To Use a Zoeller Sump Pump Stand

Zoeller sump pumps suck water from the bottom of the sump pump. Which means that they are likely to suck up any dirt, sand, or small rock that comes near the vortex impeller.

If your sump basin collects any clay mud, sand, or other debris, it can get packed between the rock and bricks. Which will slow down the flow of water to the sump pump. Making it harder for the pump to do its job.

Additionally, when the clay, sand etc. builds up on top of the rocks or bricks, then the pump will be sucking that up. The Zoeller sump pumps can spit out ½ inch round objects but all that material acts like sandpaper on the impeller, check valve and discharge pipe.

So, it is better to let that dirt settle below the sump pump by using a sump pump stand. Then clean out that sump basin as it starts to fill up with dirt.

Understanding Zoeller Sump Pump Stands: An Overview

Before delving into the specifics, let’s grasp the essence of a Zoeller sump pump stand.

These innovative devices serve as platforms for sump pumps, elevating them above the sump pit’s base.

By raising the pump, they prevent debris from clogging the pump inlet, optimize pump performance, and extend its lifespan.

Zoeller Sump Pump StandPart: 10-2421
MaterialABS plastic
Height to top of platform2 13/32 inches
Length of platform12 13/32 inches
Width of platform 7 1/2 inches
Zoeller 10-2421, Black
  • Price For: Each Manufacturers Warranty Length: 1 Year Country of Origin (subject to change): United States

Key Features of Zoeller Sump Pump Stands

1. Durability and Stability

Crafted from high-quality materials, Zoeller sump pump stands boast great durability when properly used. See the section titled: Installation Guidelines for Zoeller Sump Pump Stands

The Zoeller stand provides a sturdy foundation for your sump pump, minimizing vibration and prolonging its operational efficiency.

If you need to raise the stand up higher just use short pieces of 1.5 inch or 2-inch PVC pipe that will slip into or over the “feet” of the stand.

2. Enhanced Pump Performance

By elevating the sump pump above the sump pit’s bottom, Zoeller sump pump stands mitigate the risk of debris accumulation, thereby optimizing pump performance. This design feature ensures unimpeded water flow, preventing clogs and facilitating smooth operation even in the harshest conditions.

3. Versatility and Compatibility

Zoeller makes a wide variety of sump pumps, effluent pumps, sewage pumps and grinder pumps. The Zoeller stand will fit any of the Zoeller sump pumps or effluent pumps. Not for use with sewage or grinder pumps.

Installation Guidelines for Zoeller Sump Pump Stands

When you attach the support arm to the base with the supplied screw it would be a good idea to predrill a small pilot hole through the support arm for the screw. You might also want to predrill an even smaller pilot hole in the base. The holes will make it easier to put in the screw.

Place a zip tie around the base of the sump pump. Then use another zip tie that loops through the first zip tie and goes through one of the holes in the sump pump platform. This will keep the Zoeller sump pump stand from flopping around when you lift the sump pump by its handle. You can see pictures of this in the Amazon product reviews. 

Do not lift the sump pump by the discharge pipe. That is because the plastic support arm that connects the stand to the discharge pipe is not strong enough to lift the platform base of the stand.

Zoeller provides a pipe clamp to attach the support arm to your discharge pipe.

Now you can lower the sump pump into the basin by using the handle on the sump pump.

Final Thoughts

Some short-sighted homeowners say that bricks or rocks are cheaper than buying a Zoeller pump stand. However, the most important thing about owning a sump pump is that it must work and not need replacement for as long as possible.

The bricks and rocks reduce the efficiency of the pump and makes it work harder. Which shortens the lifespan of the sump pump.

Also, sump pump stands reduce the amount of maintenance a pump needs. The fewer times I have to clean out a sump basin and clean up a sump pump the better. To me, that is well worth the cost of the stand. Get yours here. 

Richard Quick author at Best Sump Pumps
Richard Quick
Author at Best Sump Pumps

The first time I helped to install a drain tile and basement sump pump system was 1978.

Since then I have worked for a city water utility where I worked with and maintained pumps.

My rental properties and personal homes all needed sump pumps.

As a modular home dealer/builder, those new homes needed sump pumps.

I put that experience to good use by providing reliable, useful, and practical advice on buying, using, and maintaining sump pumps.

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